Best Compound Bow Release

Are you using the best compound bow release available?

Most archers shooting compound bows use a release aid. They making drawing and releasing your bowstring easier and they can have big positive impact on your accuracy. However, incorrectly using a release aid can have a big negative impact on accuracy. It’s important that you use the right type of release and that you learn to use it correctly.

The best compound bow release is the Tru-Fire’s Hardcore Max Buckle Foldback Release. It is available here on Amazon.

There are many release aids available for archer’s and in many ways, the best release is the one you shoot best with. Two factors to consider when buying a release are, your level of experience and the types of archery you are participating in. The Tru-Fire Hardcore Release is my first recommendation because not only is it’s great for bowhunting and target archery also a great choice for beginners.

I still own the Tru-Fire index trigger release I started shooting with 10 years ago. That one had calipers and a different trigger mechanism. It still works fine and served me well. But Hardcore release is much better than that one. In addition to having a more comfortable wrist strap, the hook and trigger are what set the release apart.

This release works for both right and left handed archers. The head of this release uses what they call Tru Center Technology which means that the head of the release (the mechanism with the hook and trigger) are able to pivot 20 degrees. The ensures that when you draw the bow, the release can perfectly positioned behind the arrow without any torque. Thus far, this is the only release on the market which does that.

The Hardcore is also a very adjustable release. In addition to adjust release length from the strap, the trigger pressure and travel are both adjustable.  The trigger pressure is adjustable from 3-16 ounces. Tru-Fire makes the Hardcore and the Hardcore Max. The only difference is in the padding of the wrist strap. The Max is more comfortable, but it is also more expensive. The release comes in back, camo, and pink camo.

Hardcore Max

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What To Look For In a Release

The qualities needed in a release are:

  • Effortless activation
  • Adjustable
  • Good for your shooting form
  • Comfort
  • Quality

The most important thing needed in a release is the ability to activate it (cause it to release the bowstring) with little to no effort or movement. The release is one of the most critical moments in your shooting process. As with the trigger on a gun, if you pull hard, jerk, twist or make any other movements while shoot, it messes up your accuracy. Even when using a trigger release, you want the shot to surprise you.

This is a great, smooth release. You will have to adjust the trigger to suit you, but with it set properly, this release can be activated with back tension. Index trigger releases sometimes get a bad rap as needing to much movement to be activated. This reputation is partially deserved because some of lower quality DO need too much movement to pull the trigger. But it also has a lot to do with archers using trigger releases incorrectly. Getting an adjustable release is a must. Everyone’s hand and form are different and you need to be able to adjust the release to fit you.

Different Types of Releases

You can get pretty technical breaking down release categories. For simplicity sake, I’ll break it down to trigger releases (which can be index or thumb triggers), and tension releases.  I won’t go into the pros and cons of them all on this page. The truth is that you can be equally accurate with any type of release. It all depends on you. I could probably shoot accurately using a clothespin for a release, if I used it enough.  But an index finger trigger release like the Tru-Fire Hardcore is a great all around release that will serve you well for years to come.

Beginning Archers

My advice for new archers is to avoid tension releases in the beginning. A good tension release is highly adjustable (it better be if it’s holding your draw weight!), and this is a complication you don’t need starting out. Yes, they might work great for you down the road but in the beginning just focus on your form and keep the release simple. Additionally, I would use a wrist strap release starting out to help with drawing and safety.

Tru-Fire also makes the Smoke Release for kids .The Smoke is similar to the Hardcore but it has calipers instead of the hook. It is a highly rated, quality release that will work well for young archers.