Are you looking for cheap 3 d archery targets?

If so, this article has all the information you need and much more.

As a bowhunter, archery targets are necessary for practicing and 3d targets are a great way to improve your shooting accuracy. When you finally get a buck, bull, or fill in the blank in your sight, you need a good year of practice behind you.

Everything You Need To Know About Cheap 3 d Archery Targets

cheap 3 d archery targets

Who doesn’t want to arrow a dinosaur?

How Much Do 3 d Archery Targets Cost?

Deer 3d archery targets range from around $80-$250. The majority are between $100 and $200. The differences in price account for several things like the materials used and target size. Looking at the design of the targets will help you decide what is worth paying for.

What is The Design of 3d Archery Targets?

Most 3d deer targets are designed to be life-size. This means most are somewhere near 3 feet high at the shoulder. 3d deer targets are basically all designed the same; it is a plastic deer with some type of target in the vitals area.

The actual target you will be shooting hundreds (or thousands, depending on which target you get) of arrows at, is the most critical aspect of a 3d target. Not all targets are created equal. High-velocity arrow flying from today’s compound bows will make quick work of a cheap and poorly designed target.

Still, the actual body of the deer target is also important. If the front leg breaks off, yes you can jimmy rig the body up with a stick, but who wants to do that.

However hearty the plastic deer body is, it won’t last long if you shoot IT with arrows. This one kind of fall on you. If you can’t consistently hit the actual target area of the 3d deer, you should probably break out the field point bag and wait till next season to hunt.

A stand or some way to secure the 3d deer to the ground is also a must. Aside from arrow, the quickest way to injure your plastic deer body is allowing it to tip over.

What Is The Advantage of a 3d archery target?

The biggest advantage of a 3d archery target is the ability to practice taking shots from multiple angles at a life-size target.

Accuracy is of primary importance for bow hunting, and that means in a way you should also be a target archer. You don’t have to shoot competitively, but you should concentrate on accurate target shooting in the offseason.

Still, you can do that with a regular field point bag or block target, right? True. But the bow hunter has unique challenges to think about. Shooting a live animal with the bow is not the same as shooting a target. Buck fever is real. It would seem in the presence of a live animal, your bow’s draw weight increases to a thousand pounds. Your heart rate is going crazy and on top of that, you need to draw without making a sound.

It’s in those moments, or perhaps after when you’ve followed the world’s smallest blood trail for a mile with no sign of the deer, that you will wish that you practiced more.

But, bowhunters don’t necessarily need to practice more, they need to practice better.

Effective Bowhunting Practice

This means duplicating your hunting environment. If you are taking a shot from a tree stand, you need to practice shooting from an elevated position. If you are shooting sitting down in blind, that’s how you need to practice.

Most of us know about big things like that, but even the little things are essential. If you are hunting in a jacket, you need to practice shooting with a jacket on. Archery season can be a bit tricky since it’s on the edge of fall. Some days you might be hunting in a parka and the next day, wish you owned a pair of cams shorts.

Here’s the bottom line, anything you can add to your offseason archery practice that will better your chances of a perfectly placed shot on the big day, is absolutely worth it.
3d archery targets should be on your short list.

What Is The Best 3d Archery Target?

By far, the best selling 3d archery target is the GlenDel Buck four-sided 3d target. Does that mean it’s the best? You will have to make the call yourself, but it is also one of the best-reviewed targets.

Quick Specs

  • Four-sided, 11″H x 11″W x 11″D PolyFusion™ vital core
  • Shoot it with field points or broadheads, including expandables –
  • Relies on friction instead of force for stopping arrows and bolts at speeds of more than 300 fps.
  • When one side of vital core is shot out, simply rotate a new side in for a fresh start.
  • The buck is modeled after a 200-lb. whitetail standing 34″ at the shoulder with a 150″ Boone and Crockett rack.

The feature that sets the GlenDel Buck apart is the 4-sided core target. The vitals area that you shoot at is essentially a mini block. Inside the block at the center is a core with foam layers in-between the center and an outer layer of the target.

Layers are always preferable in archery targets because they allow the arrow to travel while being stopped by friction but also extend the life of the target.

Another excellent feature of the GlenDel Buck is that it has sides dedicated to different angle shots. One of the block sides is for tree stand shots. The layers on that side are angled upward for shots from a high angle. It also has sides for quartering away and towards with the layers angled for those shots. Here is a link to Feradyne’s Glendel Buck page is you want to learn more about the company making the target.

Additionally, I’m sold on four-sided targets. They last much longer than two-sided targets and are more portable.

Price of the GlenDel Buck 3d Target

Typically the GlenDel Buck runs around $150. You can check out the current price on Amazon.

I would make the case that this qualifies for cheap 3d archery targets.

In fact, I think the GlenDel Buck may be the cheapest 3 d archery target available.

How you ask?

The reason is, not only does this target have four sides which will make it last much longer, it also has a replaceable core. The core target runs around $50-60. This means that you pay a little extra for the full body and target the first time, and then any time you need a new target in the future, it will only be $60.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shoot a 3d archery target with broadheads?

It depends on the brand of target you get. Since the general idea of 3d deer targets is duplicating real-life hunting for your practice, most say they are for both broadheads and field points.

I would stay away from any target that is just a block of foam. Both broadheads and field points tear up a chunk of foam faster than you can save up for a new target. A layered target is must.

Can you shoot a 3d target with a crossbow?

Again, this depends on the target. The GlenDel Buck is rated for arrows up to 300 fps. I’ve never personally shot one with a crossbow but have read reviews of guys who have. Many say it works well using a crossbow. It may depend on your crossbow’s speed.

  • Author: Kasey
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  • September 20, 2018