How to Choose an Archery Release

An archery release provides several advantages in the sport. However, you need to know how to choose a release before you can access those benefits. 

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know when it comes to choosing an archery release and answer your frequently asked questions. 

What Is an Archery Release?

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Also called a mechanical release, release aid, or release, an archery release is a device that helps you fire arrows accurately. This mechanical device improves shot accuracy by using a trigger to release the bowstring instead of the fingers. An advantage is that it’s faster and easier to use a release aid when shooting arrows than when you use your fingers alone. 

How to Choose an Archery Release

There are several ways you can choose the best archery release for you. They include choosing based on: 

1. Use 

Before settling for a mechanical release aid, you must be clear on your intentions. Most people need a release aid for competition, while others need it for hunting or their hobby. Whatever your reason is, you need to ensure you have a release aid that can meet the needs required. 

For example, hinge release is a great choice for competitions. On the other hand, a handheld thumb trigger release is a great option for tournament archers. If you need clarification on what release aid is best for you, the next point will shed some light. 

2. Type 

The next way you can choose an archery release is based on the types available. This step is essential because release aids have different appearances, functions, and benefits. If you need one for hunting, ensure you get a type that improves your accuracy, is easy to fire, and doesn’t make a loud sound when released. 

There are several types of release aids, which include: 

Tension Release

Not very popular among hunters is the tension release. This aid has a built-in safety mechanism instead of a trigger. It’s generally harder to use, but improves form tremendously.

Hinge Release

This is another beneficial type of mechanical release aid. In the competition world, hinge releases are a popular option: there is no trigger, and they can aid in avoiding target panic. 

Index Finger Release

An index finger release, also known as a caliper release, is one of the frequently used releases due to its consistent accuracy. It’s easy to use without much practice. 

Handheld Thumb Trigger Release 

A handheld thumb trigger release is great for competition shooters. It’s accurate, comfortable, easy to use, and consistent. It’s also a great release for hunting. 

3. Adjustability and Size 

Another important way to choose a mechanic release aid is based on the adjustability and size. Although it’s common to see popular brands with releases that give no room for adjustability, it’s best to avoid them if you can’t try to see how they fit. If they’re not adjustable, it’s hard to gauge whether they’d fit you, especially if you’re a small or larger individual.

If you can get your hands on an adjustable release, check the size before buying. However, you’d need to know the size that fits you beforehand.

4. Comfort 

arrow release

The comfort of a release can’t be overlooked. Everything (accuracy, speed, form) will eventually come down to how the archery release feels in your hands. It’s almost impossible to get good results if you’re not comfortable with your release. 

Before choosing one, it’s best to try it out and see how easy it is for you to press the trigger mechanism and how to get it in a comfortable position. Some releases might be too hard to press, making your finger sore after a few uses, while others might be too small or too big. Remember not to choose a release you’re not comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an archery release work? 

Yes, archery releases work and are essential for archers who want to improve their form and provide consistent accuracy, release, speed, etc. There’s a significant difference when you use archery releases instead of your fingers.

Is an archery release essential? 

Yes, an archery release is essential. However, it depends on what type of archer you are. As a competitor, there’s always the possibility of release aid not being allowed so using them wouldn’t be as essential as an individual who sees it as a hobby. For hunters, a release is quite essential due to the benefits it provides. 

Does an archery release cause injury? 

Archery releases typically do not cause any injury in particular. However, the sport in general can cause some injuries, such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, strains, etc.


Release aids are great for boosting confidence, improving precision, and providing the perfect shot. Remember not to place any of these ways of choosing an archery release above the other. They’re equally important and need to be given special consideration before buying a release. 

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