Archery Safety: Top Safety Tips for Every Archer

For every sport, there are safety guidelines given to prevent injuries and damage, and archery is no different. Archery safety is essential, not just for the participants but also for the people around them. 

In this article, we’ll list ten important safety tips to keep in mind while taking part in this fun sport. 

Important Archery Safety Tips

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Archers of all skill levels are required to follow these archery range rules: 

1. Wear Proper Clothing and Archery Gear

Ensure you’re clothed in the proper clothing, which will serve as protection against injuries. Wear comfortable clothes with no buttons, an archery armguard, and a fingerguard. Also, avoid jewelry or anything that can be caught between the bow and arrow. 

2. Point in a Safe Direction

For archery safety, it’s essential to point the bow and arrow in a safe direction. Avoid pointing your bow and arrow toward the air, your feet, or in front of you. If you point it to your sides, ensure there’s nothing beside you that can be injured or damaged. This safety tip is important, because it’s not uncommon to mistakenly release the arrow from the bow. 

3. Do Not Shoot in the Air 

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Another essential way to ensure archery safety is to avoid shooting in the air. Shooting in the air is very risky, because you have no direct aim and don’t know where the arrow may land. To ensure you and the people around you are safe, avoid shooting the arrow in the air.

4. Nock the Arrow When You’re Ready to Shoot 

This tip ensures safe hunting and practice. You should only fit your arrow against the bow string when you’re ready to shoot. This ensures that you don’t accidentally release the arrow into an untargeted area. 

5. Carry Out Regular Maintenance and Check-Ups 

Regular maintenance and checkups are important to confirm the efficiency of your bow and arrow. Check your bow for cracks and ensure you frequently replace your bow strings when they become worn: you can also apply bow string wax to increase their longevity. For the arrows, check for cracks, bends, or dents that can reduce their efficiency and cause mishaps. 

6. Avoid Consuming Alcohol or Drugs 

Whether it’s before, during, or after shooting, ensure you avoid consuming alcohol or drugs that can alter your state of mind. Archery involves focus, and since the chances of injury and accidents are high, you need to be alert at all times. 

7. Store Your Bow and Arrow in a Safe Place


When it comes to archery safety, don’t overlook your method of storage. Careless storage can be dangerous. Store your arrows in a padded bag that’s hard to pierce or in a strong box: you can keep your bow in a hard case. In addition, your longbows and recurves should not be strung in storage. 

Apart from reducing the chances of injury, proper storage keeps your bow and arrows safe from damage. 

8. Be Conscious of Your Target and Everything Around It

Once you set your eyes on your target, ensure you take into consideration everything around it, which includes what’s beside, in front of, and behind it. This way, you can calculate the risk of accidents before you shoot. 

9. Do Not Fire Unless You’re Told 

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While partaking in the sport, it’s essential to listen to instructions and not fire unless you’re told to do so. If instructions are telling you to hold after you’ve drawn your bow, adhere to them immediately. 

10. Don’t Dry Fire Your Bow 

Dry fire is a term used to describe when an archer shoots a bow without an arrow nocked on the bow string. Dry firing can shatter your bow and cause you serious injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my bow strings? 

How often you should replace your bow strings depends on how often you use them. Once you notice your strings looking brittle, frayed, or dry, it’s an indication that they need changing. The longevity of the strings depends on how you use and maintain them.

Is archery a safe sport? 

Yes, archery has been ranked as one of the safest sports in the world, with a 0.57 injury rate per 1,000 participants. Although there’s the possibility of sustaining injuries, they’re usually non-life threatening and avoidable. 

Is indoor archery safe? 

Yes, indoor archery is safe. There are safety rules that ensure the safety of participants and the people around them. However, indoor ranges usually involve shorter distances.


An additional tip is to check with your local laws. Some places consider bows and arrows a firearm and usually incorporate the same rules for firearms to them. Archery is an enjoyable sport if you remember archery safety guidelines. 

Follow our collection of articles and guides to learn more tips to improve your archery. 

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