How Much Does Archery Equipment Cost? All the Answers You Need

Archery is one of the most fascinating and increasingly popular sports for both recreational and professional purposes. This has resulted in higher demand for archery equipment.

While acquiring some of this equipment is a way to advance your interest in the sport, you must first know the exact cost you’ll incur. Determining costs can be difficult, so this post offers some helpful insights.

This guide includes price ranges that give you an idea of the cost you’ll likely incur to get your archery equipment. But before we dive into that, let’s first briefly discuss archery equipment.

Required Archery Equipment and Average Cost

Required Archery Equipment and Average Cost

In addition to the bow and arrow, many other kinds of archery equipment enhance the fun of the sport. While some of these pieces of archery equipment are optional, knowing what’s required is crucial to prioritizing and determining cost. 

Required equipment includes:


Bows top the list of essential archery equipment. There are different types of archery bows, including recurve bows, compound bows, or traditional/longbows. 

Your bow type should depend on your preference, archery level, and budget. The average cost for each type of bow is between $150 – $300. Compound bows tend to be more expensive.

Bow Stringer

It is advised not to leave your bow strung when it’s not in use. So, you’ll need a bow stringer to string it whenever you need to use the bow. A bow stringer makes stringing easier and safer. The average cost of a bow stringer is between $10 – $20.


Arrows also rank high on the list of essential archery equipment. You’ll need at least a dozen of them in your quiver. The arrows you choose depend on your preference and shooting style. 

You can always seek expert advice on which one to purchase. The average cost of arrows is between $15 to $40 for a dozen.


It would be best to have a quiver to hold your arrows as you move with your bow and arrows. There are several types of quivers, including back and hip quivers. 

Your choice between the two depends on your preference and archery plans. The average cost of a quiver is between $15 – $30


Even if you’re purchasing archery equipment for hunting, you’ll still need archery targets to practice. Hence, targets are essential archery equipment to get. 

The average cost of a target is between $10 – $40. Be sure to get the one suitable for your bow.

Shooting Gloves or Finger Tabs

Finger tabs and archery gloves protect your fingers and provide comfort during archery practice. You can choose either shooting gloves or finger tabs, depending on your preference. 

It’s recommended to try both before selecting the one that is right for you. The average cost of finger tabs and shooting gloves is between $10 – $20 and $15 – $30, respectively.

How Much Does Archery Equipment Cost?

men setting up archery equipment

When you evaluate the cost of the archery equipment mentioned above and other archery accessories, you’ll realize that as a beginner, you’ll incur between $400 to $800. 

While some beginner archery equipment costs more, it all depends on whether you’re purchasing standard or top-of-the-line equipment.

If you’re looking for archery equipment for competitions, you’ll need more than just the essential equipment. You’ll need quality, professional-grade equipment that can cost a minimum of $2,000 for the bow alone. 

If you’re hoping to have target practice in an archery range, you’ll need to add the cost of using the range to the overall cost.

Whether the range is indoor or outdoor, you can expect to pay between $10 – $20 per day to shoot. Some ranges charge the same amount per hour, so do your research ahead of time before selecting your location. 

You may find an archery community that has different archery clubs available for practicing. 

Final Thoughts

While many people perceive archery as an expensive sport, the reality is that it is within budget. If you have an unlimited budget, ensure you get the best archery equipment. 

If you have a limited budget, research the cost of the necessary equipment to determine the adequate budget. Doing this will allow you to make informed decisions while saving towards reaching the budget.

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Picture of Brad Burnie

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