About Me

My name is Kasey Jones and I live in Northwest Montana.  My brother-in-law handed me his compound bow 12 years ago and asked if I wanted to shoot it. I had never even held a compound bow before.

He strapped the release on me and gave me a 30 second archery lesson. I struggled to draw the 70 lbds, and I’m not sure I actually lined up the pin on the target, but somehow when I triggered the release, I hit the target.

I was hooked. And I’ve been shooting bows ever since.

I really enjoy hunting, fishing, and archery but I didn’t start these things till I was in my mid 20’s. Since I wasn’t taught these things growing up, I have been playing catch up and trying to learn and improve for a long time.

That is the purpose of simplearchery.com. I really want to help simplify archery for anyone trying to learn and hopefully help archers to avoid the frustrating process of “figuring” everything out.